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Gluten Free Education

Posted on 10 June, 2015 at 0:40

I will admit that Gluten Free seems to be a current buzz word.  It seems that people are using a Gluten Free diet to lose weight, help with digestion, or even just be a trendy dieter.  However, there are many people that truly need a gluten free diet to be healthy.  Those individuals can experiece digestive upsets that range from mild to severe.  For those individuals eating any gluten will result in a very detremential situation.  

I am one of the those individuals that will become seriously ill if I eat any gluten at all.  That includes trace amounts.  So therefore I ALWAYS ask if there is a gluten free menu.  I also question waiting staff on the item, even if it is in the gluten free menu.  

Last weekend my family went out for dinner.  I asked the waiting staff if there was anything gluten free.  After veiwing the puzzled look on their face, I felt I should clarify.  I explained that I can not have any grains that contain gluten, including wheat, barley, spelt, etc.  I explained that eating a little bit will make me quite sick.  Still a puzzled look.  So I asked the staff member to ask the kitchen about a few items I selected.  I was told that a burger patty with out the bun would be fine.  

When our food arrived I tried the burger.  It tasted like there were breadcrumbs in the burger.  So again I asked the staff member.  Again I was reassured that it was fine.  I completed about half my burger and gave the remainder to my hubby.  Within a couple hours I noticed some stomach pain.  Within a day I was doubled over in pain. The severe pain has now lasted three is interefering with my abiltiy to eat and to sleep.

The moral of the story...I should have insisted that they check the burger ingredients carefuly.  I should have asked for a manager when I realized that the waiting staff had no clue what Gluten even was.  The swelling and pain that I am experiencing will take weeks to subside.  Clearly people need to be educated and realize that these "little bits" of gluten will have severe impacts on those that have a true gluten sensitivity! 

Categories: Personal Stories