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Do you have a cupboard full of supplements and health products?

How much money have you wasted by buying the wrong products?

Do purchase fad diet items and then not know how to use them?

‚ÄčAre you tired of being sick, overweight, tired...then you need a plan!

Book your appointment with Lisa!

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Initial Assessment

Prior to your initial consultation, you will be sent forms and a questionnaire to fill out. These MUST be returned before your visit. The answers you provide are integral in creating a diet, health and lifestyle plan customized for your individual needs.

$150 for clients ages 18-59

$125 for children/youth under 18

$125 for ages 60+

Follow Up Visits

Based upon your individual needs, follow up visits will e/may be scheduled. The number of follow ups will be influenced by the intensity of dietary changes, your commitment to the plan and your own unique needs.

$125 for 60 minute follow up visit

$100 for 45 minute follow up visit

$70 for 30 minute follow up visit

$35 for 15 minute follow up visit


In some cases a re-assessment may be required as your health needs change. It is not unusual for new issues to arise when dealing with life long health and diet concerns.

Re-assessments fees will be determined on a case by case basis

Healthy Insurance

Many extended health insurance plans cover nutritional consulting sessions. Some of the plans that have covered my services include: Great West Life, ManuLife, and La Capitale. Some Flex plans are covering wellness activities such as gym memberships. If coverage is important to you then please check with your insurance provider and ask if you are covered.


Should you need to cancel your appointment please give us 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Request More Information

email:[email protected]

phone: 519-333-8604