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Having struggled with weight issues, Lisa's breadth of knowledge set me on a path physically and emotionally. Lisa has a gift of addressing both outside AND inside a person, which is equally important for nutrition. F.

I have known Lisa for several years now and have been a client for most of them. I have Fibromyalgia and other health issues. In my journey, Lisa has been supportive, knowledgeable and very perceptive to my mind, body and soul. She has been very aware of my needs as time has passed and now I am able to go back to school and work to achieve my dreams. Thank you Lisa for all you have done! S.

I struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Seeing Lisa has given me the tools to better deal with the pain and fatigue. I didn't understand how much diet played a role in my pain until after I started seeing Lisa. I highly recommend her for anyone with chronic healthy issues! JL

I knew something was wrong inside my body. It was quickly aging, even tho still young at 55. Everything was a chore and I wondered, "what was happening to me?". "What are the next few years going to be like?" My family could see me slipping down and down. It was so troubling, yet I didn't know what was wrong. I ate healthy, took daily 'all natural vitamins/minerals', wasn't much over weight, tried to fit exercise in weekly and got lots of sleep. My doctor never knew what all the red flags meant, he would just prescribe pills to take away symptoms or say to me that he didn't know what/why. Then thankfully I saw Lisa (through another health professional who knew Lisa). So desperate and looking for help and answers, I quickly went to see her. Lisa has changed my life!!! I now am gaining strength, feel more like getting up and going, less joint pain and stiffness, happier mentally, and SO excited about the future!!! I will forever be grateful to Lisa because of her extensive knowledge , personal insight and complete interest and humane warmth that she has and wants to extend to others. Lisa has given back to me hope and life that I never, ever thought I would see again! D.

I met Lisa several years ago when my health was in crisis. Within 1 month, I went from using over 15 prescription and over the counter medications to 1 (Ibuprophen, as needed) and lost 15 pounds. In the next 9 months, I lost an additional 85 pounds, resulting in a total weight lost of 100 pounds. Despite my plight with obesity, it turns out, that I was "malnourished" and "starving my body of essential nutrients" eating more than I have ever eaten before. Lisa put me on a path of wellness, the GREATEST GIFT anyone could have ever given me. I have since moved away; but continue to use the many tools, resources, and advice she has bestowed on me. She is truly an angel amongst us and I am incredibly thankful. Lisa, I am SO GLAD you returned to your field of nutrition. You have a true gift. I am pleased that others will benefit from your encouragement, knowledge, insight, and gentle motivation. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! RR

When I first visited Lisa I had so many issues that I couldn't eat anything....I was drinking cans of Ensure to get by. Lisa was wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful. After several months of her guidance I was able to eat again and was feeling so well that I no longer required pharmaceuticals to manage my pain and discomfort. I am very thankful for her help. SM

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